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My parents are Garifuna from Honduras and I remember as a 13 year-old in the mid-90’s not fully embracing our unique language, clothes and food. I didn’t realize the rich beauty that I already had at home. Countless Saturday mornings were spent with my Dad trying to teach us our native language. It was in one ear and out the other.

Similarly, Veronica had her own journey of cultural self-discovery coming from a strong Ghanian household. She would detail how her late father would proudly wear his Kente cloth in their South Bronx neighborhood. She feared being asked, "Why is your Dad wearing a bed sheet?!".

Admittedly, it was easier to blend in than it was to educate the neighborhood kids.

Grace & Lamb is a living letter to our 13-year-old selves that we finally understand why we need to embrace who we are and where we are from. Our collective stories are sewn into the very fabric of our brand.

As parents to three wonderful children, we want them beaming with cultural pride. When the time comes they will inherit what was built for them and millions of little boys and girls that yearn for cultural identity and belonging. 

This is what fuels us.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are so thrilled for what's next.

Wes and Veronica Güity

Co-founders of Grace & Lamb